Why Custom Photography?

Puyallup_Family_Photography_Why Choose_Custom_PhotographyI’ve had many people ask me as I entered the adventure of custom photography, “Why would I choose something that requires ‘so much’ investment when I can go to my local retailer for photos?”. The answer is in the name. Custom photography is specialized to fit YOUR needs and expectations. There are no boxes to place you in. You are designing, with the help of an educated and experienced professional, something that will capture moments that we long to preserve. So my question in return is, “Why wouldn’t you invest?“. You’re worth it! 

I totally understand, however; that custom photography is just not in everyone’s budget. It also isn’t exactly for everyone. However, for most clients, this is something that is saved for special moments in their lives or perhaps even just a “once a year” experience. No matter if it is to capture the stages in their children’s lives or simply to have a beautiful portrait of the family to hang in their in-home gallery every year, they are taking the time to invest in having these items customized to their specific preference. It is a unique experience that no one else will have.

Photographed images are more than just settings on a camera and a few edits on the computer. They are getting to know the family and expressing them. They are ensuring quality to last a lifetime. Most of all, it’s taking the time specifically to ensure that each client is thrilled with what they have invested in. That, my friends, is where I come in. Let’s customize your session today and ensure your investment isn’t just a “get the job done” mentality. Let’s make it a “get the most of your memories” experience!

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